A First Look at Cordoba

19 May 2010


All went well on the next flight out to Santiago after having cooled my heals for a day within (or, rather, passing through) the transient spaces of the DFW terminal. Once in Santiago, it was a few more hours of waiting (which felt like very little compared to DFW) in a new set of transient spaces, and then off to Cordoba. I requested a window seat for this flight, and am glad that I did. The view of the Andes was magnificent on this clear day.

I was exhausted by the time I reached Cordoba, but the prospect of a city new to me, though familiar to many, revived body, mind, and spirit, so I went for a drive and a walk. Cordoba is larger than I expected. This is no quaint little colonial town with a few streets. It is sufficiently large that I got lost trying to find my way out of the city, and it took some searching to find my way out and on to Ruta 9 northbound. Once northbound, I made it to the Estancia La Paz just at sunset — fortunate, as it would have been somewhat difficult to find in the dark. Also, it gave me a first glimpse of the beautiful grounds of the estate in twilight.

More later, but at present I am both hungry and tired, so I will go get something to eat (dinner is served here from 8:00 to 10:00 pm — a very civilized hour in my estimation) and then promptly collapse.

. . . . .

. . . . .


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