Grand Strategy Celebrates Three Years!

5 November 2011


So how many hits will I get as a result of using a photograph of Kim Kardashian? It will be an interesting experiment. And it suggests another experiment: Ms. Kardashian is single again, so there is hope for all us sorry, single bachelors. Imagine how many hits Grand Strategy would receive if we tied the knot! Now there's a promotional campaign worth pursuing...

Today is the third anniversary for Grand Strategy: The View from Oregon! Happy Anniversary to me!

I began back in November 2008 with…

Opening Reflection

…celebrated my first anniversary in November 2009 with…

Grand Strategy Celebrates One Year!

…and kept the celebration going in November 2010 with…

Grand Strategy Celebrates Two Years!

Thanks for your readership. I appreciate each and every hit I receive. It has become a great amusement to me to track my hits through StatCounter, and to see what exotic locales around the globe have chanced upon this forum.

In the past year I had a new high day of more than 2,000 hits, and I passed the half million hits mark — still far short of those who write about fashion or Kim Kardashian’s brief marriage or other “trending” topics, but not bad for a philosophical commentary of geopolitics, cosmology, and issues of strictly theoretical interest.

Come back soon!

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Grand Strategy Annex

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4 Responses to “Grand Strategy Celebrates Three Years!”

  1. Chief of Sinners said

    Congrats on 3 years. Your blog has been set on my Google Reader for a year or two, so I see your new posts as they come up. Very well done articles, though usually I can only grasp a small fraction of them…

    If you are every visiting your family and have a few minutes, stop by to visit. Just directly over the hill in the next valley. Regards. Mike Autio

    • geopolicraticus said

      Dear Mike,

      Thanks much for the note! I’m very pleased that you’ve found it to be of sufficient interest to continue reading.

      I may just show up on your doorstep sometime when I’m in Brownsmead, which, I assume, on a day like today, must be nearly flooding, with the water in Blind Slough creeping up to the top of the dikes.

      Very Best Wishes,


  2. MisterEgo said

    Hm, very few (detected) returning visits, which explains why your comments are not very lively. You probably have more returning visits depending on how long the time is in your settings that tracks returning visits… it’s been a long time since I’ve used Statcounter…

    Happy birthday, keep it up.

    • geopolicraticus said

      Dear Mr. Ego:

      Interesting that you note “few (detected) visits.” I have noticed that if I go over the statcounter returns carefully that there are returns that are not picked up. However, on the whole, you are quite right: I have few returning visits, and this of course is related to the low comment activity.

      It’s always good to hear the Serbian perspective, and I’m working on some of your past comments in order to provide a coherent response.

      Very Best Wishes,


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