Sun, Sea, Sand, and Surf… in Norway

26 July 2012


I have long wanted to go swimming in the fjord at Sand. In previous visits I have even packed a wetsuit with me so that if the opportunity arose, I could go. Well, I didn’t use my wetsuit before, but today I wish I had brought it with me this time. While yesterday was a nice day, today was an absolutely gorgeous day, with blue skies from horizon to horizon and the sun warming the rain-soaked Norwegian ground. It would be accurate to say that it felt hot in Sand today, and there aren’t many hot days in Norway.

Although I didn’t go swimming, I did at least take my shoes off and walked in the surf at the little “beach” in Sand. I wasn’t the only one there. The sun brought people out, and there were a few young children swimming in the waters of the fjord — apparently oblivious to the glacial runoff that feeds the fjords and keeps them cold under most circumstances. I say “under most circumstances” since my sister tells me that when she spent a summer here ten years ago there were several weeks of hot weather and she went swimming in the fjord. Needless to say, I am jealous.

. . . . .

Thursday is Komledag! I’ll be down at the Fargariet cafe in Sand to get my share of Komle.

. . . . .


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Grand Strategy Annex

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