Sand to Geilo: The Journey Continues

29 July 2012


My limited time in Norway has caught up with me and now I have to leave my aunt’s house in Sand and drive across the country in order to be in Oslo in time to catch my flight out. Because of Norway’s difficult terrain, overland travel is time consuming even in an age of cars and highways. While it is possible to come to Sand without taking a car overland — one can fly into Stavanger and take the fast boat, for example, which takes two or three hours — but if you want to see sights in rural Norway (like stave churches, for example) you need to have a car. At least, it helps to have a car.

Vøringfossen, one of the most impressive waterfalls in Norway.

On the drive from Sand to Geilo I stopped at the waterfall at Vøringfossen, which is right next to the road and therefore an easy stop. In a land of many waterfalls, Vøringfossen is among the most impressive, falling down a sheer cliff in a view that cannot be captured by any camera. I tried many different ways of taking a picture that might give some sense of the falls, but I was not successful.

Some perspective on Vøringfossen to put the previous picture in a human context.

Leaving the west coast of Norway and driving inland, the weather rapidly improved, and the overcast and steady rain of the coast gave way to fewer clouds and more sun.

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Grand Strategy Annex

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