Return to the Southern Cone

3 April 2013


southern cone

Almost three years ago I wrote about A Journey to the Southern Cone, when I visited Argentina in May 2010. Now I find myself in the Portland airport once again, with a boarding pass in hand, bound for the southern cone — this time headed to Uruguay.

uruguay flag

While I have written about Uruguay on several occasions — for example, in The Election in Uruguay, Latin American Leftist Juggernaut, and Incommensurable Defaults, inter alia — I have not previously visited this “little” country with the romantic name of Oriental Republic of Uruguay and the dramatic national slogan of “Libertad o Muerte.


It would be entirely reasonable for a people to take umbrage at having their country called “little” with all the diminutive connotations that come with this appellation, and given my experiences of that other “little” country in South America — Ecuador, which has greatly impressed me, and is one of my favorite places to visit — I am keenly looking forward to exploring this other “little” country to discover whatever neglected treasures it no doubt holds for the traveler.

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2 Responses to “Return to the Southern Cone”

  1. What was my name again. said

    You sure do travel a lot 🙂

    Take care.

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