Montevideo by Day

12 April 2013


Montevideo 11

For my last day in Montevideo I revisited several of the sights that I passed last night in my four hour after dark walking tour of the city center and the old town (cf. Montevideo by Night). When I first arrived in Montevideo I was surprised how empty the waterfront area was, and then when I was first here in the evening I found it packed with people. When I walked in the center and the historical city last night, the area was really dead, but now during the business day it is quite busy. Where you go in Montevideo at what time of day matters. Of course, that is true of all cities, but once has to learn where and when the locals turn out to make use of their infrastructure.

Montevideo 12

There is a lot of interesting street art in Montevideo. I posted some pictures of this on Tumblr. I noticed that the painting above repeats some themes of a sculpture by Carlos Páez Vilaró, which is at the artist’s museum at Casapueblo (and in the photograph below with my sister). It is not unusual to see powerful themes of “high art” (whatever that is) repeated in vernacular art. In fact, it’s not unusual to see any theme repeated in vernacular art, but one notices the appearance of more sophisticated themes in a popular medium.

Punta 8

I had my rental car with me during the day, since when I checked out of my hotel I had to take my car out of the garage. It is always daunting to drive in an unfamiliar city, but I mentioned in my first post about Montevideo that the city lacks the frantic character of many large cities. While driving here is no piece of cake, it wasn’t too bad over all. People were polite and helpful. I was worried about figuring out the proper procedure for paying for parking, but I was helped with this, so it was not a problem. Also, driving around the city gave me a different perspective that I usually get from seeing a city on foot.

Montevideo 10

As the sun was setting I drove to the airport to catch my evening flight from Montevideo to Miami, and eventually to home. While the day began overcast, by the time of sunset the sky was completely clear. I got some good views of the lights of Montevideo as the flight was leaving, but couldn’t get any good pictures.

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