A Decade of Grand Strategy!

2 November 2018


I started writing this blog in November 2008, and now it is November 2018, so this blog has remained active for ten years. In this respect, it has defied the odds, because most blogs rapidly go defunct, but it has defied the odds only because I have continued to plug away at writing about the things that interest me, and not because I have been rewarded for my efforts (I haven’t been), or because this blog is popular and widely read (it isn’t), or because of any support or assistance received (there hasn’t been any). If this blog is a “success,” it is only a success of stubbornness.

My rate of posting has continued to decline, but not because I am short of ideas. On the contrary, my conception of civilization is evolving so rapidly that I now hesitate to write anything down because the next day I will have a better formulation. In a way, this is a culmination of this blog, because I started writing about civilization here simply because it was a different topic than the things I was writing about in my notebooks at the time. In this sense, in the sense of being a form of intellectual stimulation, I can call this blog a success.

At first when I was writing about civilization (initially in Today’s Thought on Civilization) I was only throwing out random ideas. Now these ideas have started to coalesce into something more substantial, and I see the all-too-apparent weaknesses of my earlier, more random thoughts. When Darwin hit on the idea of natural selection he wrote, “Here, then, I had a theory by which to work; but I was so anxious to avoid prejudice that I determined not for some time to write even the briefest sketch of it.” This is something like I now feel.

As my rate of posting has slowed, I have thought about starting a newsletter that would be an anecdotal account of my ongoing research. I could take the email addresses of the individuals who have subscribed to this blog and start sending them a newsletter, but I understand that there are now laws in place that govern how email addresses can be used, and that some countries and many businesses have a “double opt-in” policy to ensure that those who get emails really did want to receive them. Therefore I will start from scratch.

I made several attempts to create a simple subscription form, but my technical skills are nonexistent, so I had to settle for a link (and, while I tested it, I’m not even sure if this will work properly). I signed up with an alternative email just to see if it would work, and it seemed to do so. Here is the link:

Grand Strategy Newsletter

If I get a dozen subscriptions, I will start some kind of newsletter. If you subscribe, be sure to check your junk mail and spam folders for the second of the double opt-in notices. If you don’t click on the link in the email sent to you as a result of clicking on the link above and entering your email, you won’t be subscribed. The test subscription I did myself went directly into the email’s junk folder.

I intend to continue my work, and to continue posting it here, as long as the opportunity to do so remains. For those who have taken the time to read and to comment, thanks. You’ve helped to keep me focused on the development of these ideas. Many people have brought my attention to resources and references of which I would not otherwise have been aware. This has been valuable for me, and, again, on this basis I can call this blog a “success” (with only modest irony in the use of the term).

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Grand Strategy Annex

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10 Responses to “A Decade of Grand Strategy!”

  1. drloss said

    Hi Nick, and congratulations on your blog’s longevity! Stubbornness is a virtue as far as I’m concerned. Or course, my ancestry is Pennsylvania Dutch, perhaps the most stubborn ethnic group ever seen, so of course I’d consider one of my own personality characteristics to be a virtue. 😉

  2. Sweet~Lady said

    Boss, yes stubbornness or grit, definitely are valuable assets you have. Congratulations, for pushing through those times when you’ve felt less inspired. As you continue to write you’ve inspire me, and who knows how many other philosophers, you’ve implored. Forward on!! Great shares, I’m always reading, gotta say allot above my head, which arches my mind, but, I continue to read, because it takes my mind to places, else I would not venture!

  3. xcalibur said

    Congrats on 10 years. There’s something to be said for persistence, especially in an era of brief attention spans and rapid obsolescence. As to the modest traffic here, it’s no fault of your own — it’s because we live in a society that does not emphasize philosophy. We must actively seek out intellectual stimulation; as such, it’s always helpful to learn from others who live ‘the life of the mind’ as one of my professors once put it. Hopefully, I’ve been able to contribute something in return.

  4. skholiast said

    Felicitations upon your decade of posting. Thinking is hard. Writing is hard. Strangely, sometimes putting them together can make them easier (a little)…. But only sometimes, and only a little. So, Thank You for the work, and for sharing it.

    • geopolicraticus said

      Thanks for your kind words. Yes, thinking and writing go together like a horse and carriage. I keep myself writing by having several blogs and always carrying several notebooks with me, as the continual engagement with ideas keeps my mind focused and always working away.

      Best wishes,


  5. A. Karhumaa said

    First, thanks for your blog! I found it just a few weeks ago, and it’s refreshing to still find somebody who thinks with his own brain, and does not waste too much time on the current trendy culture-war topics, that fill almost every nook in the web now.

    BTW, just bumped to this, and though it might interest you:
    Adam Franka, Axel Kleidonb & Marina Albertic: “Earth as a Hybrid Planet: The Anthropocene in an Evolutionary Astrobiological Context”, September 2017

    (I wonder if there is a version or draft that is not behind a pay-wall?)

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