This series of posts from my other blog began with some ideas outlined in Terrestrial Conflation, and mentioned in my Centauri Dreams post Transhumanism and Adaptive Radiation, though ultimately having its origins in my 2011 essay The Moral Imperative of Human Spaceflight.

planetary constraints title

planetary constraints introduction 2

planetary constraint intro icon
planetary boundaries icon
planetary constraint icon

planetary constraints the constraints 2

Planetary Constraints 4: The Spatial Constraint
Planetary Constraints 5: The Temporal Constraint
Planetary Constraints 6: The Gravitational Constraint
Planetary Constraints 7: The Agrarian Constraint
Planetary Constraints 8: The Population Constraint
Planetary Constraints 9: The Energy Constraint
Planetary Constraints 10: The Material Constraint
ontic icon
endemic icon

planetary constraints conclusions 2

nine planetary constraints small
constraint change icon
rocket swoosh icon

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Grand Strategy Annex

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project astrolabe logo smaller

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